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Explore your secrets.

We offer a variety of premium and creative latex products.

Offering a discreet and professional service, we are proud to continue distributing new designs for 2017.

A choice of hoods

We stock a range of latex hoods in various styles and colours. Some of our popular hoods include puppies, pigs, horses, and our feminine and masculine designs.


Worldwide discreet shipping

We are proud to ship our products to any global destination. We offer free international shipping for orders of £100 or more. All UK orders ship for free.


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Secret Latex - A trading name of Mask Attack Ltd.

© Copyright 2017 Mask Attack Ltd. All rights reserved.

Registered in England and Wales with company number 08263437

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Anatomical Hoods

Animal Hoods

Latex Accessories

Latex Accessories

Latex Packages

feminine and masculine masks

including pig, puppy and pony


gloves, socks and more

mixed and matched for you